Playtime Party Center

For your safety and security and that of your child, Playtime Party Center has installed a state of the art camera system. We have been conditioned by the corporate chains to feel secure about a stamped numbering system and a rope gate. Let's face it, do we think a rope gate is going to stop someone and at the same time, do we want a sixteen or seventeen year old manning the door responsible for the safety of our children? We need to be responsible parents and this is why we are using the technology of a camera system in our facility.  Fire regulations do not permit gates or barricades because in the event of a fire a clear path for evacuation of the facility must be available. We have talked to local police and security agencies and they also feel that unless you man a post with a trained officer, you are defeating the purpose of true safety. We hope all our customers feel secure in our facility and welcome any suggestions through our email service. Thanks again.

Todd, Kelly, Rachael, Ryan, and Aaron Bishop