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In 2018, Playtime made the decision to move and expanded our business to our current 18,000 sq ft facility, located at 105 Hwy A Wentzville, Mo 63385. If you've been with us since 2007, you know that we've always done it for the kids-I mean, we created Playtime for our 3 kiddos! Now with them being in their late teens and early twenties, we wanted to be able to provide for all ages. Playtime now has Axe Throwing, a 4,000 Sq Ft, 2 Story Laser Tag Arena, 4 Lanes of Mini Bowling, a Virtual Rockwall, 65+ Pieces in our Arcade, a 4,500 Sq Ft Playground/Inflatable Arena, along with a full Resturant and Bar! With our 5 year old facility, we really cater to the entire family. We can host a small gathering all the way up to a private group of 500. We truly are a one-stop-shop for all entertainment needs. We hope to see you soon & give us a call with any questions @ (636) 887-4244. 

Todd & Kelly [+ Rachael, Ryan & Aaron (: ]

Mini Bowling

Come check out our 4 Lanes of Mini Bowling from Qubica AMF, the world's leader in anything and everything Bowling. What's Mini Bowling? Well let us tell you! Mini Bowling is the same as traditional Bowling, except with 40 Ft Lanes and 4 Pound Balls. [It's a lot easier on the arms-haha! (; ] Come and try out one of the dozen+ different games in our system! Mini Bowling is great for Team Building or Corporate Events too. Once you try it, you wont want to go back to traditional Bowling!!
Price Point: $5 per person per game, or 1 hour for $35, up to 6 guests per Lane. 

Laser Tag

Our 4,000 Sq Ft, 2 Story Arena is the perfect 'battlefield' for your Laser Tag dreams. Delta Strike has provided Playtime with the latest and greatest of Laser Tag technology. Shoot at the targets throughout the Arena for Points or Powerups, or just tag out any opponent! Energy Gates are also available to be tagged for your team's color and will tag out any opposing team colors-so steer clear of the Energy Gates if they aren't your color! [These are on our HUGE Pirate Ship at the center of the Arena.] Choose from our wide selection of games! Such as One Shot, Delta Tag, Zombies, Agents, & more! 
Price Points: $8 a Game or 3 Games for $20. 

Check us out EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT from 5pm-9pm for Unlimited Laser Tag for $15 a person! 

Arcade & More

 So much more than just an Arcade. Our 65+ Piece Arcade floor includes several classic games such as SKEE-BALL, Pacman, Galaga, Big Buck Hunter, and even a Star Wars Trilogy Piece! We also have the latest games like Jurassic Park, Halo, Connect 4 Hoops, & HyperPitch. Do we have Virtual Reality? Yeah we got VR! We have 3 different VR experiences for you to choose from. We have VR Rabbids, Space Pirates, Rhythmatics, and a Mad Wave Motion Theater. Try out our Avengers Pinball, Hurricane Simulator, and other games in our facility too. Our 18,000 sq ft facility provides a great gaming atmosphere for all ages to enjoy! Won some points from the games? When you're done, turn your points into prizes at our huge Redemption Counter, fit for all ages. ​​

Henry's Playground and Inflatable Area

Not just 1 Playground, but 2 HUGE Playgrounds with 4 'Tons of Fun' Inflatables are in our 4,500 Sq Ft Arena. Wristbands are required for this area and are good for ALL DAY! Yes, they are built off of a 1-hour price point, but we leave it up to you to determine how long you would like to stay and play. Ages 1 and up are welcome, including parents at a discounted rate. Yes, the Playgrounds are build for us adults too! We want you to have just as much fun as your kiddos. [Parents deserve to have fun too!!] Do you have to play? Nope! We have plenty of seating for the adults to sit and keep an eye on the kiddos while they burn off all of their energy while having fun. However, if adults wish to play on the playgrounds and inflatables too, they are required to purchase a wristband as well. Henry's Playground and Inflatable Arena is one-way-in and one-way-out for your convenience. ALL children must have a wristband and be wearing socks in Henry's Playground and Inflatable Area. Children are not allowed into the arena if they do not have a wristband. 
Price Points: Wristbands are $13.99 per jumper. Adult Wristbands are $8. A Wristband and $10 Game Card is $19 per jumper. Henry's Playground Pass includes 7 visits for $64.99 [making it about $9 per Wristband]. 
*Henry's Playground Pass is not available for walk-in parties. It is only eligable for immediate family usage-For example: families with multiple children or a parent and child who come in regularly.* 

Virtual Rockwall

Climb around on ValoClimb's Interactive & Virtual Rockwall at Playtime. What's a Virtual Rockwall? Like a typical Rockwall, one must climb up and down on the wall. But on our Virtual Rockwall, a player must maneuver on the rockwall to successfully participate in the game projected onto the wall. Need another reason to try it out? Our Rockwall is one of two Virtual Rockwalls in Missouri!! Immerse yourself in the fun by playing Whack A Bat, Climball, or Hullaballoon! You can even scan a QR code at the end to get a video of your playthrough sent to you! So much incredible technology is built into this Rockwall for a fun and positive experience. 
Price Point: $5 per person-per play. 

Axe Throwing

Come enjoy an awesome Axe Throwing Experience with your family and friends! One of our Axe Masters will teach you how to be a pro in no time. Try out our two different styles of Axes, Tomahawks, Knives, and Ninja Stars! Challenge your friends or build your team's strength during a fun night out! Axe Thwoing is for ages 18+, throwers must wear closed toed shoes and sign a waiver. 
Price Points: 2 Throwers for 1 Hour is $50 and includes two games of Mini Bowling. 3 or more Throwers for 1 Hour is $20 per thrower. And 1.5 Hour of throwing is $35 per thrower and includes a $10 Game Card in Bonus Cash. 

Adult Entertainment

Playtime is an entertainment facility designed to cater to all ages. We offer Axe Throwing, Laser Tag, Mini Bowling, a Virtual Rockwall, a Playground & Inflatable Arena, 65+ piece Arcade, along with a Full Restaurant and Bar. Bring in your family for a fun day out, your corporate team for Team Building Experiences, or friends for a competitive evening! We have had a Wedding Reception, Class Reunions, 21st and 40th Birthday Parties, Graduation Celebrations, and Corporate Events. We've even helped celebrate someone's 85th Birthday! Need pricing? Email or call us at (636) 887-4244 and we help you plan the best event around. We would love the opportunity to serve you.